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SPN Trading Post

Collect & Trade the Cards

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Welcome to the SPN Trading Post, a community for collectors of Inkworks' Supernatural Season 1 trading cards to get together and trade their duplicate cards in the hopes of completing their set.

Your moderator, at present, is legal_padawan. More moderators may be added as time goes on, depending on the traffic the community sees.

The Rules

  1. The community is members only. Anyone with an active journal can join. Livejournal is an international forum and thus this community is, too. Members will not be limited to North American lj-ers. Please keep this in mind when you're trading cards. Your trading partner might be in another country.

  2. This is strictly a 'find and trade' community. There will be no posts made here regarding the sale of cards by individuals in an attempt to turn a profit. What you do in your email, however, is your own business.

  3. Arrangements for the trading of addresses, payment of postage, etc. will be worked out between the individual users in email or in journals. The moderator(s) take(s) no responsibility for any agreements that are reneged on. If a trade is reneged on, however, please contact the moderator to advise.

  4. Please be patient when waiting for your cards to come. The mail system can be slow, especially when its operating between countries, and *especially* when it's coming from overseas.

  5. Do not post your own real-time ddress in the community. Do not post anyone else's real-time address in the community. The community operates on trust. People are giving you personal real-time information.

  6. Do not make posts that are not in sync with the theme of the community. Please don't advertise your communities here.

  7. The moderator(s) prefer(s) the three strike system. Three complaints and you're out. Complaints include breaking rules and especially reneging on trade agreements.


Posts, for the time being, should be restricted to three kinds:
  1. Posts listing the cards you are willing to trade and how many of each card you have available. These posts will be added to the memories and tagged accordingly; and

  2. Posts detailing what cards, specifically, you are seeking. Again, these posts will be added to the memories and tagged accordingly.