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1st-Mar-2007 04:17 pm - Hi! I'm new.
Dean tension
So, I just got some cards today. I don't have very many, since I only have three packs, but it's a start.

Under the cut is a list of the cards I currently have.

CardsCollapse )

I've got extras of 14, 29, and 35. I'm hoping that someone here is perhaps looking for one or several of those, and would be willing to trade for something I don't have (preferably something with Dean on it, I'm a Dean girl).
12th-Feb-2007 10:51 pm - Message from the Mod
SPN - Jensen - Slytherin
I will be internet-less from February 13th to February 26th.

Which means I won't be able to approve memberships.

So for that period only, I'm disabling that option. It's not fair to make pending members wait for approval while I bask in the Florida sun.
25th-Jan-2007 06:09 pm(no subject)
union jack

I have three duplicate Searching cards (S-3, S-4 and S-6), a duplicate 'Three Hunters' John Winchester card, and an extra Marnette Patterson autograph redemption card.

I'm in need of D-1 and D-2 of the Dead End cards as well as S-1 and S-2 of the Searching ones, and I'm wanting to trade my extras for those. :)

Also, I'm willing to trade the extra Marnette autograph card for pretty much any of the other autograph cards.
11th-Jan-2007 12:58 pm(no subject)
what you get for the money honey

Just a quick post for the cards I have/need.

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NeededCollapse )

9th-Jan-2007 09:14 am(no subject)
Supernatural Lingo
Hi all! Ok, I purchased two boxes, and ended up with two of the same John Winchester pieceworks card. I'm hoping to trade it with any other pieceworks. Thanks!
15th-Dec-2006 11:32 am - Way too many extra Supernatural cards
SV Erica
Some of y'all may have seen I purchased a case of trading cards. So, I now have a *lot* of duplicates in the base set and limited in the extended sets of box loaders, dead ends, and searching.

I'll post my email info--if you're into hashing something out--and links to websites Inkworks has referred as recommended online dealers, and if you're not interested in buying cards from anywhere, I still can share pictures--unfortunately, from a phone's camera. Not sure how else to phrase I've got a ton of cards and... kinda don't need to trade. :-\ Overall, I did pretty well with this case.

Final count and sale info - images aheadCollapse )
1st-Dec-2006 11:22 pm - Question & scan request
MCU - Strange hand
I can't afford the base set (let alone the damn shipping to get it NZ, which is why it's on my x-mas wishlist *sig*) but...can someone scan in some of the cards for me? Or tell me where to find scans of some of the cards?

I'm trying to find any Dean, Sam or John character cards, pictures of the weapons (particularly Sam's knife), or whatever cards were used for the episode Faith :O

I'd love to know what they look like so I can gaze adoringly at what I can't have :)
9th-Nov-2006 02:30 pm(no subject)
union jack
Hola everybody! :D
Got muh cards, ready to trade. Got both lists for you here.

My DuplicatesCollapse )

Cards NeededCollapse )

I'm willing to trade multiple cards of mine for each one of yours; really, any and all trade offers will be considered. :D
9th-Nov-2006 02:48 pm - Coupla questions....
True Blood - Eric
Is there a Web site that has images of the full set? Or can someone tell me if there are John Winchester cards?
8th-Nov-2006 10:26 pm - Duplicates List
SPN - Sammy
My list of duplicate cards are under the cut. I'll be posting my seeking list in a new post.
Current as at November 18, 2006

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2nd-Nov-2006 04:59 am - Welcome to the Trading Post!
SPN - Team Winchester - Rocksalt
It's the end of November 1 and if Inworks holds to schedule, the binders and cards should have shipped today.

I know my order was confirmed with my comic store and shoud be in within the week.

I'm also waiting on my free trading card from Inkworks.

So, once we all have our cards we can get rolling on trading.
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