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SPN S2 cards picspam and my list for trading 
31st-Oct-2007 11:49 am
and Me, Nathan, Alan
So, I've finally gotten most of the cards separated and know what I have left over to trade and/or sell.

First up! Picspam!

90 Card Base Set:

Family Matters: 3 set box loader chase cards:
(These are foil cards and the cards are much more shiny!)

Hunters: 6 card chase set:
(These are also foil cards and my camera can't do them justice!)

The Devil's Due: 9 card chase set:
(Foil cards once again!)

The autographs from the 10 boxes:

Picework cards I currently own:

I also had the following: PW5, PW9, PW 16, and PW17A - which are all piecework redemption cards. When I get the cards back from Inkworks I'll add in an image of them here!

So! That's what is in my case! It was SO MUCH FUN opening them and sorting them all out.

Next up? What I have left over for my wonderful flist! (And possibly ebayers.)

- [12+] 90 Base Card Sets

I also have various numbers from 1-90 remaining. If you need a specific numbered card, let me know! - $1/card

- [1] Complete set of the Family Matters 3 card box loader set

I also have the following extras:
[1] - FM-1 - John Winchester

- [2] Complete sets of the Hunters 6 card set

I also have the following extras
[1] - H-1 - Ellen
[1] - H-4 - Gordon
[2] - H-5 - Bobby

- [2] Complete sets of The Devil's Due 9 card cut press sheet set

I also have the following:
[1] - DD-1
[1] - DD-2
[1] - DD-3
[3] - DD-9

I'm currently looking for the following PW cards. And I'd love to make trades if you are looking for the chase card sets! Please let me know!


If you're interested in anything, please go to my LJ, where you will find the exact same post (along with pricing for the extra sets). Leave a comment on what you want and where I can contact you off-LJ. The sets are first come basis, so I'll keep this list updated at my LJ.
31st-Oct-2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
All right. Now I officially *have* to go to the store tonight and see if my order came in.

Damn it.

I will defniitely hit up your journal once I have a look at what my set has.
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