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SPN Trading Post
Collect & Trade the Cards
They haven't all been posted, but the first bunch of images are up… 
20th-Oct-2007 12:04 am
and Me, Nathan, Alan
They haven't all been posted, but the first bunch of images are up for the Pieceworks!

Here's a picspam of the images for the season 2 trading cards which are coming out NEXT WEEK! I have a factory sealed case coming my way and once I get all of the cards divided out, I'll be selling the extras through e-bay or through my LJ and am open to trading, especially trading pieceworks for other pieceworks since there are NINETEEN! If you're interested, check back to my LJ sometime after the 24th.

There are 19 total piecework cards!

Retailer Incentive Card set! (The ones not in the cases)


The uncut mini-press sheet and 9 piece card set.

I'm a bit annoyed that they used season 1 images for Jared and Jensen, but NEW CARDS to collect ZOMG!
20th-Oct-2007 04:33 am (UTC)
whoa... at first I thought they changed the layout of the incentive cards... phew, but the prisoner cards are just two regular cards. Thank God *g*

I did like the puzzle cards of season one why more. These look so simply and not shiny at all.

Also, I'd love to trade with you! :) We could trade some cards at Chicago Con. I hope I'll get my case before the con as well.
20th-Oct-2007 04:46 am (UTC)
Yeah, I added the retailer incentive cards to the picspam. There is also another set of puzzle piecework cards at the end of the list, but the images aren't up for those yet. I really like that they're doing puzzle piecework cards in the normal set of cards this year, it's a nice addition. I think these are just the basic image and piecework since they aren't incentive cards.

And yes! Trading is awesome. I'm hoping that my case will come next weekend and I can get them all set out and picspam my master list of what I have to trade or sell.
22nd-Oct-2007 11:39 pm (UTC)
Aww look at the shiny shiny pretty pretty.
Wish I could afford them all right now!

But I might just have to start with Jensen's hospital pants, and Jared's shirt...BEFORE THEY GO UP IN PRICE. :O

Good luck with your case! Hope you get some excellent ones. :)
25th-Oct-2007 06:11 am (UTC)
Thanks! The 2nd box I opened had Jensen's hospital scrubs and I think I got a bit too excited :P

But yeah, if the pieceworks do what they did with season 1, the Jared and Jensen ones start going up like crazy!
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