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Supernatural Connections Trading Cards 
30th-Jun-2008 05:43 pm
Dean Winchester Season1 3 b&w
I have an offer to make. I have a lot of the new Trading Cards sets to sell, so if you're interested look behind the cut. I also have Sets of the Second Season Cards and Pieceworks and Autograph Cards.

The Base Sets of the Connections look like this, they are for sale:

They are very shiny and of better quality than the Second Season ones, which look like this, they are also for sale:

The Connections Pieceworks Cards look like this, they are NOT FOR SALE, exception is the one double of Mary Winchester:

I can't show you the Autograph cards of the Connections set, because they all are Redemption cards. And I have millions double and no Jensen! And I've not found a Jensen one on ebay yet. I guess they don't have them at all. When I have the Autograph cards, I can post them, but this can take a while. Sorry.

And here are the special sets of the Connections Cards FOR SALE:

The Box really can be used as a box and looks like this FOR SALE:

My Pieceworks of the Second Season FOR SALE:

And the Autographs:

And the Special's:

The name of the Cards is also the filename, you only have to hover over it to know what kind of card it is.

I would prefer to sell my cards to other European Fans, because I know how difficult it is to get them here, and I'm from Germany. This does not mean that I don't sell to other countries, but most of the time it's not worth the shipping costs.

I want 10 Euro per Base set, plus shipping, what is 4 Euro to other European countries most of the time. The other cards I seriously don't know.

Please contact me via email:

extreme.graphix at gmx.com
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