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SPN Trading Post
Collect & Trade the Cards
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1st-Jun-2009 07:01 pm - Selling my trading cards...
Trews in QC - taken by Nancy Desrosiers
Well, wasn't what I wanted to do but sometimes ya gotta do what you don't want to, to make do. Mods, feel free to delete if needed, just thought I'd give folks the heads up.

My husband is auctioning off my Supernatural trading cards on eBay as follows:Collapse )
13th-Jan-2009 02:53 pm - Supernatural Trading Cards for sale!
SN Promo Supernatural
I have made a list of trading cards that I want to sell over in my journal. Follow the fake cut please.

Supernatural: Season Three
Coming October 2008!


Inkworks announces the next fan-favorite installment, Supernatural Season Three Premium Trading Cards. The 81-card collection follows the Winchesters' as their mission continues. They travel the country, encountering creatures that most people believe exist only in folklore, superstition and nightmares -- vampires, spirits, revenants, reapers, even bloody clowns. Now they are being hunted too…

Also look for several levels of randomly inserted bonus cards including:

Autograph Cards - Autographs of the stars of Supernatural.  Signers and insertion rates to be announced.

Pieceworks® Cards - Cards featuring pieces of the actual costumes worn on-screen during Supernatural: Season Three.  Costumes and insertion rates to be announced.

Hell on Earth - A nine-card foil puzzle (9 cards - inserted approximately 1:11 packs).

Betrayed - Six special cards (6 cards - inserted approximately 1:17 packs).

Out of Time - Three cards (3 cards - inserted approximately 1:24 packs).

Hellfire - One case loader cards (1 card - 1 per shipping case).


1st-Jul-2008 02:52 pm - Connections cards for trade
For Trade:
Supernatural Connections
Fear No Evil: F1, F4, F5, F9
Becoming: B2

I need the following cards:
Fear No Evil: F2, F3, F6 & F7
Road to Ruin: R6
Dean Winchester Season1 3 b&w
I have an offer to make. I have a lot of the new Trading Cards sets to sell, so if you're interested look behind the cut. I also have Sets of the Second Season Cards and Pieceworks and Autograph Cards.

Supernatural Connections and Season TwoCollapse )
22nd-May-2008 09:59 am - S2 cards and Connections for sale
SV Erica
Moderators, I hope this post is okay. I only do these posts once per season.

I've got a *lot* of Season Two cards since I bought two cases--I even lugged a case to EyeCon. {g} I have nearly a complete S2 autograph set up for sale/trade (only extra I didn't have was Jared). If you're interested in the Jensen card, sorry, can't let that puppy go for less than $100. I've got full sets of Hunters (full set $10 w/ single cards $1.75), Devil's Due (full set $15 w/ single cards $1.75), and Family cards ($5 for all three). Prices are similar to Season One, which I still have full base sets of those as well.

Prices are S1 full base set $5 and S2 full base set $4. Costs don't include shipping, which will be based on United States Postal Service rates for your area/country. Shipping can be combined and I include the foil outer wrap, and if more than one set in a season is ordered, I include the SPN display box.

For US folk, payment methods accepted are PayPal (I have a personal account, so funded by PayPal Balance, PayPal Instant Transfer or PayPal eCheck only), personal checks, money orders, or well-concealed cash.

For International, PayPal (Again, I have a personal account, so no credit/debit cards accepted and funds must be US equivalent), international postal money orders, or well-concealed US cash (folk from the Philippines and other Asian countries sent that to me).

Connections cards: I have a case on pre-order and will *very* likely have a lot of duplicates and full base sets up for similar pricing to S1 and S2 cards. These are set to be released in June 2008.

As a side note about Connections' autograph list, I found it interesting there were six actresses (from S1 and S2) but four actors and no Jared.
21st-May-2008 11:30 pm - Supernatural Season 2 Trading Cards
Jensen Ackles @ Asylum 2009 #3
I just link to my journal, there you can find all cards that I want to sell.

Big sale at my journal
18th-Apr-2008 11:27 am - cards for trade
I have the following for trade:

Chad Lindberg Autograph card
Family Matters card John
Family Matters card Sam
Hunters card Ash
Devils Due cards: DD-2 (have two)  & DD-1 (have two)
P-1 Season 2 Promo card - free
SN-1 promo card (this got wet so it's slightly warped, but it's still in ok condition) - free
various season 2 base set cards (if you want a particular one, let me know and I'll see if I have it) - free

I'm looking for any "searching", "dead end", or "three hunters" season 1 cards, Season 1 sell sheet, Season 1 box or wrappers, and internet promo SN-i.
Killing YED

Supernatural Seasons 1 & 2 Trading Card Sets:

I've posted listings of the extra chase cards I have available for trading (I also have quite a number of base cards available for trade as well - the listing was to large to post) here

I've also posted the chase cards I still need here

Leave a comment if I have something you need or there's a possibility for a trade.  I do subscribe to NSU and use this as a starting point to determine value of cards but there is a healthy measure of personal perspective that also applies to value...:-)

My extra base cards I'm more than willing to give away provided it's under 5 cards - but I'm flexible so just let me know what you need base wise and I probably can help you.

I really hope these links work - I've never tried to link to a journal post before.  Being a computer programmer will only gets me so far and usually just lands me in hot water.

Demon Blood - Going to Hell
 Inkworks is coming out with another Supernatural set in May 2008

17th-Feb-2008 04:59 am - Meow.
Just a F'ed Up Girl
I currently have spares of Jared's piecework cards from season one. His jacket & his shirt.

Any serious offers?
25th-Nov-2007 01:32 pm - Pieceworks Card PW17A
Jensen Ackles @ Asylum 2009 #3
Hey, I have a redemption card for the purple Dean Flannel Pieceworks-card. And I have it double!
So, if someone needs this card, send me a note please!

Oh, and it looks like this, when you get the card from inkworks:

SV Erica
I've just spent ~$1500 and spoke on the phone with the seller to confirm (both cases and the PITA 22yrs Later incentive cards)... I am getting TWO cases of trading cards, so I'll have a *lot* of extras coming in next week. I spoke with a couple other sellers and Inkworks has SOLD OUT their cases. It can be a combination of a larger fanbase, someone stockpiling cases (as time goes on, generally cards become harder to find, and thus, sell for more), and/or Inkworks may have produced less this year... dunno.

At any rate, I'll be offering up extra base sets for sale (I also still have plenty of extra season one base sets and can combine shipping because I have enough clutter as is) and sale/trade the other cards because it's highly likely I'll end up with duplicates of pieceworks, autographs, puzzle cards, and more. I'll provide a link here when I have a post set-up at my journal... Damn, I could paper my place in cards at this rate, which might be an improvement over the 1970s floral print.
and Me, Nathan, Alan
So, I've finally gotten most of the cards separated and know what I have left over to trade and/or sell.

First up! Picspam!

90 card base set, chase cards, autos, and pieceworks from my caseCollapse )

So! That's what is in my case! It was SO MUCH FUN opening them and sorting them all out.

What I have for trades/for saleCollapse )

If you're interested in anything, please go to my LJ, where you will find the exact same post (along with pricing for the extra sets). Leave a comment on what you want and where I can contact you off-LJ. The sets are first come basis, so I'll keep this list updated at my LJ.
26th-Oct-2007 06:18 pm - Just wondering...
Just a F'ed Up Girl

So who has the pretties?
And which do you have?

I am very prepared to be super jealous. :P
20th-Oct-2007 12:04 am(no subject)
and Me, Nathan, Alan
They haven't all been posted, but the first bunch of images are up for the Pieceworks!

Here's a picspam of the images for the season 2 trading cards which are coming out NEXT WEEK! I have a factory sealed case coming my way and once I get all of the cards divided out, I'll be selling the extras through e-bay or through my LJ and am open to trading, especially trading pieceworks for other pieceworks since there are NINETEEN! If you're interested, check back to my LJ sometime after the 24th.

Other Pieceworks and Autograph cardsCollapse )
19th-Sep-2007 03:35 pm - NEW PIECEWORKS! YAYZ!
Just a F'ed Up Girl
Haven't seen these posted yet so here ya go! :D


lol So I really need to start saving....NOW. Cause I want 14 of these NOW. lol The other 5 can wait.
11th-Sep-2007 08:16 pm(no subject)
Just a F'ed Up Girl
Taking a break from watching my beautiful new S2 DVDs to say....

If there are any other kinds of offers for the PW-3 card I posted yesterday, email me.


Again, if nothing else I will be posting it on Ebay Thursday/Friday.
10th-Sep-2007 09:51 pm - I actually have something to trade!
Just a F'ed Up Girl
Does anyone have anything to trade for a Pieceworks 3, Jared as Sam in the Season One episode "FAITH"? :)

I also have two spare SEARCHING cards. S1, and S2.

Pic of the PW3Collapse )

Ok. With the PW3, I would LOVE LOVE *LOVE* to trade it for one of Jensen's pieceworks.
But that might be a little out of reach. -sigh-

But I will consider any offers. :)

And if nothing comes up I will pop it onto Ebay later on.
13th-Aug-2007 06:11 pm - RENEGADES SET
Just a F'ed Up Girl
I ordered the RENEGADE 9 card set through Warp9 last Thursday and received them today. :D

They look great. And omg I got them when they still had them for $9.95!! Now they are $14.95 I think...but that is a much better price than most I have seen on Ebay and such.

My favorites in the 9 card set are the booking photos. HEE!

I also got the P1 promo, which features an older pic of the boys. Jared still had his shaggy/emo hair. :P

Also with the cards I ordered the company stuck in to "freebies".
SN-1...which I already have.
And a card from the show Jericho...JER-2007....which I have no need for.

Nothing like a some SUPERNATURAL cards in the mail to make me feel not so sick today. :)
7th-Aug-2007 04:54 pm - Season 2 Cards!
Just a F'ed Up Girl
Haven't seen this posted yet so....

I just peeked at the INKWORKS site and saw that they posted a list of the AUTOGRAPHED cards for Season 2.

AUTOGRAPH CARDS - Nine cards signed by the stars of Supernatural. (9 different cards - inserted approximately 1:36 packs):

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle
Jason Gedrick as Detective Peter Sheridan
Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle
Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester
Amber Benson as Lenore
Aldis Hodge as Jake
Chad Lindbergh as Ash

LOL I haven't even gotten the first set of Auto cards yet. *sigh* Now I have to work on these too. And I am SUPER excited about Chad Lindbergh/Ash! Soooo must have that one. :D


There are also pics of Jared's and Jensen's on the side. :D
1st-Aug-2007 11:50 pm - *waves*
Just a F'ed Up Girl
Hi all!
I am new here, but so super happy to have found this place. :D

I was wondering if anyone has gotten the Renegade 9 card set from comic con...if so can I see some pics? Because I was thinking of buying a set, but I am curious to see what they look like.

Also, to make this post legal I suppose I should post some cards I am looking for.

Searching 3-9
Dead End 1-6

And pretty much any pieceworks I can get my hands on. lol BUT I am sure you lovely people are hanging on to yours like any fan would. :)
I have only gotten both Jared's pieceworks...which I ADORE, and I cannot wait to eventually have Jensen's too. *puts them on birthday/Christmas list*

If you have any of the above cards though, I don't have anything to trade at the moment. But if we can come to some other arrangement please let me know!

I am excited to see the SEASON 2 set soon! Got my promo card today from Comic Con. WHEE!

11th-Apr-2007 07:13 pm - I am done! Almost full SPN card set.
SV Erica
Other than the uncut sheet, I've got all the puppies at last... and it only cost me ~$800-850. :-\ Yeah, *only*. {snorts then chuckles} Thankfully, there were sign-up bonuses and work bonuses to cover it. The last two cards I wanted:

back of cardsCollapse )
Heh, the fun begins again when the S2 cards come out and we'll all be scrambling here to start-up/finish another set. {g} And yes, I still have many S1 full base sets but I've been swamped with real life... bad sign when my *boss* felt sorry about my workload for months. {quirks eyebrow} Seriously. I won't be able to get back to doing something with them until after April 17th, tax day.

union jack
Hullo! I'm getting so very close to completing my set (aside from pieceworks and autographs, anyhow) so here I am trying to trade for the last few on my list.


Two Dead End cards; D-1 and D-2.
One Searching card; S-2.
The UK Promo card, if for some strange reason anybody has one they're willing to part with.


Spare Dead End cards; D-4 and D-5.
Spare Searching cards; S-1, S-8, S-9.
One Dean Winchester "Three Hunters" box loader.

I also have COUNTLESS spares of pretty much any card in the base set, that I'm willing to trade multiple of for any of the cards that I need. So. Anybody care to make a trade, here? :3
25th-Mar-2007 10:38 am - Trade Introductions
Hi all.

I joined a while ago, and haven't gotten around to using this community much. Well, here goes.

I have a lot of spare promos, mostly SN-1. (Five at the last count). I also have a spare set of the boxloaders (B1-3) which feature John, Dean and Sam. I'm always happy to help out a fellow fan. A shameless plug, but I have a Supernatural Binder on ebay auction, which finishes on the 27th.

I have most of the set already, I'm only looking for the rare stuff. The autographed pieceworks, the Dean or Sam autos, or the multi-case incentive cards. If anyone has any of these spare and is looking to sell/trade, please get in contact!

Thanks, Kelly
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